~Antique Bed~


Hello 2019 and to you my beautiful readers. I hope this blog finds you healthy, happy and ready to conquer the upcoming year! Let’s get right to it with this lovely antique bed I just refinished for my wonderful return client, Jayne.

A few years ago I had the pleasure of working on a beautiful antique dresser for my lovely client, Jayne.  Jayne had recently started work on her spare bedroom and had bought an antique bedroom set online that needed a bit of a facelift. Upon meeting Jayne and discussing her ideas for colors and finishes it was decided to start with the dresser first and move on, piece by piece as she worked on the spare bedroom. The dresser turned out beautiful, painted in a white and greige two-tone and dark waxed to finish. You can see the blog on this piece here.  {Jayne’s Dresser}


With the dresser completed Jayne said she’d contact me when she was ready to start on the bedframe but, one day when she was moving the frame around in her garage it fell and broke. She called to tell what had happened and said she was in the market for another bed, funny enough that same day she called me back to let me know she had purchased a bed and could deliver it to me that day.


When Jayne dropped the bed off, I was excited and couldn’t wait to get started! We discussed colors and decided on one color instead of two for the bed. The white of the dresser I had previously refinished was one of Country Chic paints brightest whites “Crinoline” therefore that same color was chosen for the bed.


I got started painting the bed and side rails and ended up doing 4 coats on everything. Jayne’s dresser had been finished in an antique black wax, so naturally, I did the same finish on the bed. Using Country Chic paints hemp oil and black wax I went over the bed, once both oil and wax had been applied, I took a lint free cloth and wiped away to create an aged look seen here.

Before             During              After

Jayne’s bed turned out so cute, and I’m glad to have made a friend and return client through this process.

Thanks for stopping by!

Xo, Cher

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